How Students Can Adopt Research Methodology for PhD Thesis

If you have been given to write a PhD thesis by the teacher, it is important that you take it most seriously and use the right research methodology to come up with a brilliant paper. Writing a thesis is a key part of getting your PhD degree and you will not be able to enjoy your doctorate degree unless you have adopted the right research methodology for


working on your assignment.

Most of the students who are given to write their PhD thesis at this level face problems because they do not know which research methodology to adopt and how it will help them in their paper. Students must know that unless they have come up with the best research methodology for conducting research, they will face problems in taking their paper in the right direction and coming up with a good thesis will be very tough.


Thus, it is necessary that students adopt a research methodology for PhD thesis that is just accurate for their purpose. This article is a guide that helps students understand how to come up with the best research methodology for their thesis writing task.


When you begin working on your research methodology this must be done very carefully and you should understand that the term methodology is much more comprehensive than just method and includes the entire approach you adopt for your research.  You will find a lot of difficulties when you want others to accept the validity of your work and recognize what you have done.


The way you have collected the data will be reflected in the research methodology. You can either use qualitative research methodology or quantitative research methodology to collect data for your PhD thesis and you can also use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies if required for writing the paper.


In order to adopt the research methodology you must understand you are subject and the type of data that you want to collect. Misunderstand what ways and means will be used to collect data and this will determine if you will be using qualitative or quantitative research methodology. You must determine that the data that you are collecting is more suitable and relevant to your search and will help you come up with the best analysis and results for your PhD thesis.


It is not only a matter of writing paper that you have to adopt a research methodology but you will also have to satisfy your teachers as well as the readers who will be going through the paper to see what you have come up with. You must understand that the methodology and results are sound so that you can convey this to the readers in the best possible way and they agree with the results you have obtained and the theories you have presented.


Students must go through the instructions and guidelines that have been provided by the teachers to understand what type of thesis they are assigned as it will help them adopt the best research methodology to write there assignment.